Term Insurance Agency-Calif. Insurance License #0563687 Phone: 877-itsterm (877-487-8376) "Insurance Designed To Last A Lifetime"
Term Insurance Agency-Calif. Insurance License #0563687Phone: 877-itsterm (877-487-8376)"Insurance Designed To Last A Lifetime"

Do It Yourself Life Insurance


I Can Do It Myself


If you count yourself among the computer tech savvy, able to navigate the Internet, use email and make purchases online, you’re ready to get the right kind and amount of life insurance to meet your needs. Follow a few steps to be prepared with the information you need to calculate the amount you need, select the type of life insurance plan to meet your financial needs, and apply for the coverage-all online.

  1. Use this link to access the life insurance quote and calculation web tool:


  1. Enter the information requested and click on “calculate”. Answer the questions about your household and financial status in the calculation tool form.
  2. Review your understanding of life insurance plans and how they work. That is; Term Periods, Whole Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, Return of Premium Term Life.
  3. Think about who will be your beneficiary: Your spouse, a trust, your children, or a business arrangement.
  4. Have your medical information ready with attending physician’s names and addresses, medical conditions, treatments, outcomes and current status along with dates and details. Provide information about current and past prescription medications used, including over the counter drugs. Remember to include dental and vision treatments and medications. Authorize the underwriting department to obtain electronic copies of your medical history from your attending physicians in order to expedite a response to your application. There is no cost to you for a routine electronic inquiry to gather data needed to assess your insurability and generate an offer of life insurance coverage. No payment or deposit is required at the time of application. However, please indicate how premiums will be paid by providing the financial institution data requested. In California, you have a “free look” policy provision to get a refund of any payment made at the time of application without any obligation.
  5. Read the disclosure statements and electronically sign your application. Remember to consider getting coverage for your spouse and children on a rider to your policy, or a separate plan of their own.
  6. This agent can start your application over the phone, answer your questions and email the application to you for your review and signature. The entire process is fast and secure. Your personal data is protected by Federal and State privacy laws.
  7. The quote and calculation engine will note if a medical exam is needed to determine your insurability risk based in part on age, amount applied for, medical history, occupation and other considerations. If needed, most medical exams, including the collection of bodily fluids, can be conducted at your home or office at no cost to you.

Finally, click here to read more about the electronic life insurance enrollment process.

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